PLM Push to Altium - Quickstart



Functional Summary

EDAConnect-Libsync automates the push of PLM based part metadata to an ECAD library for component selection and placement. This update can be done manually per the User Interface or set up as a scheduled Windows service for automatic updates.

Introduction to the User Interface

Supported PLM Tools:

  • Arena PLM
  • Agile PLM 9.3.2-9.3.5
  • Generic CSV

Supported ECAD Library formats:

  • ODBC Compliant Database (Altium Database Library)
  • Altium Vault


Software Installation Instructions


Software Configuration

  1. Creating a Libsync Configuration/Mapping File
  2. Agile PX to Update Modification Date
  3. Setup Windows Service to Automate Synchronization


Synchronizing your PLM Data




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