Introduction to the User Interface

The Libsync interface is primary used as an administrative tool for configuration the content and schedule of the synchronization. This GUI is used to create a mapping fine, detailed in the next section, that will govern the sync process. 

The illustration below describes the set of panes that make up the application window. 

Top Level Menu Pane

Through the File menu you can create and save mapping configuration files. Through the Window menu you can set initial credentials for PLM connectivity. Through the Help menu you have access to build details and PDF documentation.

Quick Action Icons

Most notably here is the icon for executing a full synchronization (third from the right).

Navigator Pane

This displays the PLM part class/categories available for synchronization. I

Editing Pane

It is in this window that configuration values are set. The General tab is focussed on PLM/library credentials, scheduling, and logging. The Mappings tab is for class/category specific attribute mapping and item filtering. 

Console Pane

This reflect messaing generate by the standard product application as well as any custom scripting incorporated into the solution. 



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