PLM Push to Altium - Synchronizing your PLM Data

Manually Sync all Part Types

Click the Synchronize icon (third from the right) to push PLM data from all configured part types/categories to your CAD Database/Vault.


Synchronization a Single Part Type

From the Mapping tab place your cursor on the heading a Part Type/Category and click the Right Mouse Button. Execute the option, Synchronize, to push data from this single class to your CAD Database/Vault. 


Synchronization Messaging

When synchronizing a single part type or all part types the messaging is the same. 

First Libsync queries PLM to get the data for the current type. 


Next Libsync update the target database. 


When all is completed you will get a summary of number of parts extracted from PLM.

You will get a summary like this for each type sync'd. 


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