Setup Windows Service to Automate Synchronization

The synchronization of data from the PLM system to the ECAD library database can be automated through the creation of a Windows service. This section details the instructions for setting up that service. 

Note: The Home Dir is the folder where libSync.exe exists after the install.

1. Service Configuration File (service_config.ini)

The service configuration file, Home\misc\configuration\config_service.ini is read by the service execution.  In the ini file you specify which PSM(s) are to be run, set the Libsync Home dir and set the default log file and dir.

The service_config.ini is located in Home\misc\configuration

libsync.psm_files=C:\EDA\test.psm, C:\EDA\test1.psm (if more that one psm file separate with a comma).
libsync.default_logfile=C:\EDA\deflog.log (path and file name for log file)

2. PSM File

You should already have a PSM File setup and configured. You should be able to click the sync Icon and manually sync without errors.

Setup the Synchronization Schedule. Select Minute Based, Hourly or Daily. Enter in a start date and time.

Setup the Email section so that you will get a report.

3. Create Service

This will create a windows service that runs in the background.

Open a Command Prompt in Admin mode.

Change the home/misc dir

Type in "LibSyncService.exe -I". You should get a service has been created message.

Go to the control panel

In the upper right hand corner change View By to large or small Icons.

Click on Administrative Tools, then Services. You will now see a list of services that are installed.

Find the EDAConnect-LibSync Service and single left mouse button click.

In the upper left hand corner click on Start the service.

4. Verification

Change something in you PLM system and make sure that change is updated in your libraries.

5. Making Changes

If you make any changes to the PSM, stop and start or re-start the service.

If you change the name of the PSM or want to use a different PSM, edit the service_config.ini file and then re-start the service.

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