Silicon Expert Search

Silicon Expert Search

The Silicon Expert Cloud connector is an add-on data connector to the Encompass platform. The connector extends the view of data to include the more the 280M parts housed within the Silicon Experts database, using real-time searches into Silicon Experts Web Services. The connector will Encompass access to the following data & capability:

  • Parametric Search
  • Keyword Search
  • Silicon Expert Taxonomy
  • Alternate Parts
  • Part Change Notices
  • Access to all parametric data for Silicon Experts 280+M parts including metadata and links (URL’s) to attachments

Using free text search or catalog option, search for the part you are looking for


Using the optional Silicon Expert Modal, you can bring back a parallel search result using the phrase used to search the Encompass database, which brings back the result set from the millions of parts held in Silicon Expert and all the data associated with those components.


Remember Silicon Expert works great with the New Part request module.

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