In-place Visualization

In-place Visualization

 In place Visualization is a new feature of 2.3.4 which allows customers to create a custom popup view for one or more icons in the search results. Examples may be the customer wishes to display an MCAD model graphic for an item, Or create a custom “datasheet” view. Simply hovering over the configured icon will display the contents of any webpage in a popup dialog.


  • In-Place-Visualization: A new capability enabling interactive hover-overs and visualizations within the search results
  • Data-Driven Search Filters (Facets) from within Free-Text Searches
  • Blending of Local index and Cloud content data in a single view
  • Improvements and new capabilities for the Reuse Aware New Part Request

The customer is responsible for creating the view displayed, and may use any standard web page creation technology.



IPV is configured by specifying a new Action definition in the config.xml. The configuration will specify the icon to display, the URL from which to retrieve the report from, and the size of the dialog. Optionally, the user may specify the field names about the current record to pass to the remote application as GET or POST parameters.

Please review the following Article for details in configuring this feature.



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