Release to PLM - Software Installation


Download installation Package Zip File

Click download link provided to you to access the download page. 


Extract Installation Package

  1. Create or navigate to an installation folder for your EDAConnect Software (e.g. c:\apps\ECAD_Connector). This will be referred to as the <connectorInstallationFolder> in the rest of the instructions.
  2. Extract the contents of the installation package to your <connectorInstallationFolder>. 

Using the example installation folder above this will create the folder.



Execute Installer

1. Navigate to the <connectorInstallationFolder>\AltiumToPlm folder.

2. Place your cursor on the edaconnect.exe executable, click your Right Mouse Button and execute the option to Run as Administrator.

3. Within the installer form specify your ECAD tool from the dropdown list (Altium Designer or Altium Vault). This will be the source of the BOM and Release Files when you are ready to Release to PLM.

4. If you specify Altium Designer you will be prompted to specify the Location of your install. A set of files will be added to the System folder of your install which will add and EDAConnect menu to Altium Designer and allow for API based BOM extraction. 

5. Click Install to execute the install tasks.

6. Look for the Success! message which indicates the installation is complete. Click Finish to close the installer. 


Install Microsoft Redistributable Packages

For Altium Designer flows you must have the Microsoft 2010 Visual C++ Redistributable package installed.

For 32 bit machines install

Run the executable AltiumToPlm\redistrib\vcredist_x86.exe

For 64 bit machines install

Run the executable AltiumToPlm\redistrib\vcredist_x86.exe

Run the executable AltiumToPlm\redistrib\vcredist_x64.exe


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    brandon taylor

    After setting the environment variable the install immediately fails to copy plugins, stating that a file doesn't exist (it does).

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