Release to PLM - PLM Credentials


1. Invoke the Dashboard GUI by executing the batch files in the installation folder, <connectorInstallationFolder>\AltiumToPlm\launch_dashboard.bat.

2.  Click the PLM Login shortcut.

3.  Specify a Driver based on your PLM tool Agile or Arena PLM. 

3.  Specify a Connection name to identify your set of credentials and optionally a Description

4.  Specify a Host to identify your PLM instance. 

 For Arena PLM this will always be

For Agile PLM this will be similar to the URL for your Agile web client

5.  Specify your PLM username/password for your PLM workspace/instance. 

 For Arena PLM the username is normally an email address

 For Agile PLM the username may look like this

6.  Optionally specify a workspace_id with Arena PLM if you have more than one workspace. 

7.  Check the Auto Login to allow the connection to be made automatically with wizard launch. 

8.  Click Save and Connect to store and verify your credentials. 

    NOTE: You can create multiple credential sets. Click on Show Connection List to display the left panel. 

Highlight the PLM node to Create a new template.

Highlight a credential set (e.g. PLM Workspace) to Clone or copy a credential set. 

8.  Close the Dashboard GUI by clicking the Exit shortcut. 


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