Release to PLM - Altium Vault to Arena PLM

Execution Summary

  1. Launch the release wizard from batch file
  2. Accept sync of Vault Managed projects to Project Editor
  3. Specify Release Template (only with initial upload for this project)
  4. Identify structure items to be uploaded
  5. Preview BOM
  6. Preview File Attachments
  7. Upload to PLM

Execution Details

1. Launch the Release wizard

Execute the batch file, <...>\AltiumToPlm\launch_dashboard.bat. Then execute the module, Checkin Design.


2. Click Yes to retrieve managed projects.

This creates entries in the EDAConnect projects file (c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming|Local\EDAC\ecadProjectData.xml. You will see this dialog if there are Vault projects that don't yet have related entries in this xml file. 

Click Yes to close the dialog and continue. 

5. Select a Template and Project

Click the Browse button, then highlight a release template and click OK.

Click the downward arrow to the left of the Project field. This will list all your Vault managed projects. 

Click Next to advance the wizard. 

6. Review the BOM Structure

PLM BOM structure part numbers are created with the first run of the wizard for the specified project. In the first run the Item Number value will be "Preconfigured". The item will be created in PLM when you advance the wizard. Then next time you run through the wizard you will see the PLM part number in this column. 

You can update the Description column which will update the description of the item in PLM. 

Click Next to advance the wizard. 

7. Review the BOM Content

There will be a tab for each BOM/Design structure item with a BOM Publish action. Here you can see that the PCBA part number has already been created. Additional fields, check in the BOM Settings section of the template are listed (description, lifecyclePhase).

BOM is automatically extracted as this page is loaded. Connector also verifies that corporate part numbers specified in Altium exist in PLM. The blue checkmark indicates that the part number was found in PLM. If there is a red X icon the part number is blank or the part number was not found in PLM. 

Click Next to advance the wizard. 

8. Review the Files to be uploaded

There will be a tab for each BOM/Design structure item with a File Checkin action. The file paths presented are based on the File Sources defined for the Structure Item in the template. 

Click Next to advance the wizard and execute the PLM tasks (BOM Publish, File Checkin). 


9. Review Results, Close wizard.

When the Results page appears all PLM update actions have completed. The left panel will list all structure items that were processed with this run of the wizard. Under each item node are the actions execute on that item. Clicking on an action node will display action details on the right. 

Click Finish to disconnect from PLM and close the wizard. 

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