PLM Push to Altium - Software Installation


Download installation Package Zip File

Click download link provided to you to access the download page. 



Extract Installation Package

  1. Create or navigate to an installation folder for your EDAConnect Software (e.g. c:\apps\ECAD_Connector). This will be referred to as the <connectorInstallationFolder> in the rest of the instructions.
  2. Extract the contents of the installation package to your <connectorInstallationFolder>. 

Using the example installation folder above this will create the folder.



Install Drivers

1. Navigate to the <connectorInstallationFolder>\PlmToAltium\connector_jars folder.

This folder contains multiple PLM drivers and your Altium Vault and Altium Designer drivers. 

2. Copy one database driver and one plm driver to the <connectorInstallationFolder>\PlmToAltium\plugins folder.

Database drivers:

If you use Altium Vault as your component library chose the Vault driver. If you use Altium Database Libraries choose the ODBC driver. 

Vault:      com.perception.drivers.database.av_1.0.0.201706080844.jar

ODBC:      com.perception.drivers.database.odbc_1.8.0.201706080844.jar


PLM drivers:

Arena:    com.perception.drivers.plm.arena_0.0.1.201706080844.jar

Agile:    com.perception.drivers.plm.agile.agile-web_2.6.2.201706080844.jar

CSV:      com.perception.drivers.plm.csv_1.0.0.201706080844.jar


NOTE:   CSV driver allows you to push part metadata found in a set of csv files to Vault or a Database Library. 


PLM Key Attributes

The default configuration file is for Arena PLM. 

Follow these instructions to update the file for an Agile PLM environment.

1. Navigate to the <connectorInstallationFolder>\PlmToAltium\configuration folder.

2. Open the config.ini file in a text editor.

3. Search for the string                       plm.itemnumber.attribute = 

Replace the current value "number" with "Title Block.Number"

plm.itemnumber.attribute = Title Block.Number

4. Search for the string                       sync.keyAttributes=number 

Replace the current value "number" with "Title Block.Number,Manufacturers.Mfr. Part Number,Manufacturers.Mfr. Name"

sync.keyAttributes=Title Block.Number,Manufacturers.Mfr. Part Number,Manufacturers.Mfr. Name

Note: This should be based on your Agile names for these key attributes but these are most common in recent releases of Agile PLM. 



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