Adding new fields in Agile/OPLA High Performance Connector

The Agile/OPLA High performance connector is designed to provide very fast export of PARTS and BOMS, and back revisions directly from an Agile OPLA datamart. This connector is designed for high performance, complete batch extract of agile data.

Adding new Agile Fields generally is accomplished by:

1) Adding the new field in Agile PLM

2) Allowing the OPLA ETLs to refresh the OPLA datamart

3) Allowing the Encompass indexer to rebuild the index

4) Adding the new field into the encompass config.xml (Catalogs, and groupby sections)

File location: ${ENCOMPASS_HOME}/indexer/dataload/pipes/agiledb/conf/agile-config.xml

The above  will cover most situations with one exception FlexFields.


FlexField(s)  require additional configuration into the Agile-config.xml.  It is required to tell the connector how to find the list values. To accomplish this you will need to determine:

1) The attributes database ID   { Mitch - please provide a little detail of where to start to find this }

2) the attributes list-ID from the database - this describe the values for the flexfield

Once the above is known Within the Agile-Config add the following sections to the query templates.

Once the above is accomplished allow the Encompass index to rerun, and add the new fields into the config.xml.










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