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Welcome to AgileXPLORER  help articles. Here you will find the necessary support pages for all your AgileXPLORER questions. Learn how to navigate to the right product data, compare parts and much more! 

AgileXPLORER  Overview

AgileXPLORER (AX) provides all users of agile the ability navigate product data. AgileXPLORER provides sub-second search and navigation of  all your product data. AX provides the user the ability to search across subclasses, search data organized into logical catalogs independent of the structuring in Agile,  all using data driven driven technology including faceted search and rich fee-text. AX ships with capability to explore your part data, and can be expanded to look at all Agile objects across Agile modules. Additional AX can be expanded to explore other sources of product data both on-prem (such as ERP and CAD) or in the cloud with content providers such as Silicon Expert or IHS.

1. Walk around the User Interface

2. Diving into detailed information

3.  Export Data from AgileXPLORER

4. Additional AgileXPLORER Features


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