Working with Your Results


Working with Your Results

You executed a search. Now, you have all these results. This article will show you all of the ways you can explore your data further. 

Understanding Icons in the Results View


  1. A “Paperclip” indicates that at least one document exists in the group. Clicking icon will open the attachment.

  2. For a given part, the icon will indicate which type of file is available; eg. PDF

Results Columns 

AgileXPLORER allows you to sort data by column, rearrange columns and add/subtract columns from your results view.

Sorting Column Data


  1. Click “Down-Arrow” to see column sort options

  2. You can select ascending and descending order

Rearrange Columns


  1. Select a column you wish to move. For example the "Status" column.
  2. Drag the column to the desired location. Drag "Status" in front of "Description".
  3. Drop the column. AgileXPLORER will adjust the columns accordingly. "Status" column will appear before "Description" column.

Adding or Subtracting Columns


  1. You can select or deselect which part details are shown in the columns in the results view. Simply check the box next to the field type.
  2. After you chosen your field types and sort filters, click OK. Your results will automatically refresh based on the changes.

Group Result Sets

Result sets default to show by CPN. AgileXPLORER allows you group data in multiple ways

Grouping Results By


  1. After a search is executed, the default grouping is set to view by CPN.
  2. In the Group By drop down menu, select your desired grouping category.
  3. The results will be refreshed to match your selected grouping type.

Expanding a Group


  1. Click the "+" box to expand the group. Expanded groups will appear with a "-" box.
  2. You can sort and rearrange columns within the selected group. 

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