The Search Bar


The Search Bar

Here is The Search Bar. You begin your product navigation with The Search Bar. See the capabilities of The Search Bar below.

1. Catalog Search

The Catalog allows AgileXPLORER to organize parts spread across multiple class-codes into logical groupings. Choosing a catalog node will execute a search and show all parts in that catalog.

  • Parts are mapped across the AgileXPLORER catalogs. 
  • Click the triangle to navigate deeper into a catalog node

  • After selecting a catalog, AgileXPLORER shows the results below The Search Bar


 2. Free-text Search

Given components may reside in non-obvious places, a free text search can be executed to locate data. To learn about how to use Free-Text, click here. 

  • AgileXPLORER gives search suggestions that indicate in which catalog to look through

  • Each catalog suggestion shows the number of components that match your free-text search
  • Click links to execute a catalog-based search


You didn't find what you were looking for? Visit and open a support ticket. One of our highly trained support team members will assist you.

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