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How to Refine your Results in AgileXPLORER

AgileXPLORER yields a multitude of results. See all the ways AgileXPLORER refines your results to help you navigate to the right product data. Read how to adjust search results using parameters, sorting columns and performing a search within a search. 

Using Parameters


  1. After a search is executed, you can refine results by parameters to the left of the results sets. Select a parameter type such as vendor name. Expand the type. Select the desired attribute refinement by checking the box.
  2. Execute the refinement by clicking the green at the top of the parameters box.


3. After clicking green arrow, filters are displayed to keep track of search refinements. They can be removed. Notice the search results have been refined. 

Using Column Filters


  1. Click the down arrow within a result column. Select "Columns" on the drop down menu. The box shown above will appear.
  2. You can select which attributes are shown in the results by checking the box next to the attribute. 
  3. After you chosen your field types and sort filters, click Go. Your results will automatically refresh based on the changes.

Using Search within a Search


  1. After executing a search, you can refine your results with an additional free-text search. Enter additional search terms in Search Within bar, such as “PENCOM”.

  2. Click “Search Within” button.


3. Your results will automatically refine based on the changes. You can see your additional free-text refinement in the box above the search results. 

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