System Requirements


The following are items that must be satisfied prior to installation.


  • Server Hardware – access to hardware which meets the capacity planning guidelines.
  • Familiarity with large "ZIP" files and extracting them. 
  • Port 8048 & 8082 must be available.

 Agile PLM Specific

The following are items specific to the Agile PLM environment.

  • Agile PLM versions 9.3.1 – 9.3.4
  • Access to Agile WebServices
  • Access to the Agile PLM URL
  • Agile data model – Please verify that no Agile PLM attribute name (Title,Page 2 or Page 3) has special characters that when replaced with an underscore “_” becomes non-unique. If so, please modify the Agile Attribute name using the Agile Admin Java Client.
  • (OPTIONAL) Access to the Agile Administrator Client
  • (OPTIONAL) Agile Admin privileges

 Capacity Planning


 An Item is any agile object, with the exception of file attachments.2.PNG
Operating Systems 

An Item is any agile object, with the exception of file attachments.

         RedHat Linux (RHEL) 6.6 - 64bit

         Windows Server 2008 - 64bit


Introduction to AgileXPLORER      Windows Installation       Linux Installation
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