Linux Index Configuration

Service Configuration

It is recommended that the start and stop scripts are configured into the OS’s mechanism for starting on boot, and shutting down. The following outlines the steps. Any mechanism may be used such as the OS specific scheduler or if available enterprise task scheduling applications capable of executing external scripts or bat files.


Start/Stop scripts are used to start AX executing  periodic  indexes. Like the application the indexing is controlled by an AX configuration profile. Indexing has three steps.

1)   Creating an index configuration

2)   Creating an updated index

3)   Swapping in the updated index

Index Configuration

Before indexing the indexer must be configured to extract only the Agile data  required. To accomplish this, be sure that AX has been started then navigate to following administrative URL in a browser:


Login in as “admin”.

From the HOME Menu, choose “Load Agile Data”  

Execute the “Load My Agile Data” Wizard to select the agile data to be indexed. The wizard will create the initial index for you. Please note depending how many classes have been selected and the size of the classes the index time may take several hours, and cannot be interrupted and resumed, please leave ample time. After a success initial index the system will save the configuration for future use.

After a complete index run, the application must be stopped and restarted to load the new index – see Starting and Stopping AX Manually


Introduction to AgileXPLORER    Manual Indexing
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