Part Data: Detailed Information

How to Dig Deeper into your Part Data

Part Details Page

CPN hyperlink.png

  1. Select a part you wish to know greater details about. Click the CPN “Hyperlink” to open the CPN level details view. A new tab will open showing the part details.

part details page.png

2. The Part Details View shows general properties of part selected.

3. There are multiple views that show additional part information such as Where Used/BOM and Vendor Parts.

Comparing Parts

add part to compare.png

  1.  Search for parts – by catalog or free text. 
  2. After the search is executed, multi-select parts from results . (Two or more parts) Right click  the parts and select “Add parts to compare”.


3. The Compare Parts box will appear. Click “Compare Items”. AgileXPLORER then directs you to the compare results page.


4. View Comparison Results. Each column represents a different part. 

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