User Interface Overview

User Interface Overview

Welcome Page

Welcome to Encompass. This is the Welcome page you will see after login. Here are the main components to the Welcome page that will help you navigate and organize your product data.

Getting Started

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to load your Encompass data. To see the full installation process including indexing your Encompass data, click here.

Search Bar

The search bar is located at top of your screen. Here you will begin to navigate to product data. To learn the further capabilities of the Search Bar, click here.

Menu Bar

The menu or navigation bar is located directly under the search bar. Here you can adjust your profile settings, login/load your Encompass data and find help. To learn the further capabilities of the Menu Bar, click here.

My Queries

Add copy about overview of what My Queries do for the user. To learn the further capabilities of My Queries, click here. 

My Shopping Lists

You can add parts from the Results View to My Shopping Lists. Within My Shopping List, you can add, remove and export shopping lists. To learn the further capabilities of My Shopping Lists, click here. 

Results Page

This is the Results page that appears after you have executed a search. Here are the main components to the Results page.

 Free-text Refinement Bar

You can refine your search results using the Free-text Refinement Bar. This is also known as search within a search. The search results will adjust after each refinement. To learn more about refinement capabilities, click here. 

Data Results

Results are automatically grouped by CPN. The results give part descriptions and other valuable information. The total search results are located about the Free-text Refinement Bar. To learn more about result sets, click here. 

You didn't find what you were looking for? Visit and open a support ticket. One of our highly trained support team members will assist you.



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