BOM Data: Detailed Information

How to Dig Deeper into your BOM Data

Exploring the product structure is easy in Encompass, using the interactive BOM and Where-used Panel.

Please note this functionality may require additional modules be licensed or enabled.

BOM/Where Used Page

  1. After executing a search, click a CPN hyperlink.
  1. From the Part Detail view, select the Where Used/BOM tab
  2. Each BOM appears in a different row. Navigating through the BOMs is shown later in this article.

Traverse Down BOM Data

  1. Expand the tree to see the different levels of the product structure. Each navigation arrows allow you to traverse further down into the BOM.
  2. If you wish to return to your original BOM results, click Reset. 

Traverse Up BOM Data

  1. Click “Traverse Up” to move up to the next level in the BOM hierarchy.
  2. To view parents of multiple parts, multi-select parts (using keyboard shift or ctrl keys + left mouse click) and click “Traverse Up”
  3. If you wish to return to your original BOM results, click Reset. 

Compare BOMs

  1. Search for parts – by catalog or free text. Switch to Where Used/BOM page.
  2. Multi-select parts from results. (2 or more assemblies) Right click and select “Compare BOMs”.
  1. View comparison results. Notice the legend that shows the highlight colors and markings.

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